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Week 25
~ Full of Discomfort

This week has been an uncomfortable week. Well I have been trying to get comfortable I should say. It just seems like I have been feeling more tiredness, aches, and pains. I've been feeling more exhausted and out of breath just going up or down a flight of stairs and most of the time I just want to lay down. Even to just lay down sometimes is a challenge. I try to lay one way and baby wants to lay another. Or she just likes stretching her legs and feet out into my stomach. I think the baby is starting to notice her room is getting smaller so of course she takes it out on mommy.

I have noticed more back aches this time. I usually didn't complain having them much during my first pregnancy. I have been telling people that it feels like this baby is sitting lower than my first one. Now when I sit down she's practically on my lap. I have to have a pillow cushioned at my lower and sometimes upper back when I sit down at work and at home. It feels funny to sit in the car while driving since I have to keep adjusting and re-adjusting my posture and seat. Just exhausting! Now it seems like I have to take a nap almost every day when I come in from work. Sometimes I lie down and sleep for awhile and just want to keep sleeping--literally.

I still have episodes of nausea especially while eating. It's hard to finish a meal sometimes and even to start one. I have been getting more of a sweet tooth for candy, chocolate, cookies, and some kind of cake. Since it is cold outside I have more of an excuse to drink more hot chocolate. Yet I still need to work on eating more and eating better. Some days are actually good where I can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I may not have any snacks though on those days. Or it's the other way around just having several snacks and no real meals. I'm hoping to even that out soon.

Other than that, baby girl has been fine; she's definitely feisty and is becoming more active. There are times where she is playing for a good while like an hour, on and off of course. There are several times during the day where she is active that look like a pattern. I know pretty soon I'll be counting these kicks so it's good to notice a pattern in when she moves during the day. I can recall at least 4 times during the day when I know she's active because I'm active. She's going to be active regardless since her brother was like that when I was carrying him, plus mom and dad are active people. We do quite a bit of work during the day and I know that has contributed to my exhaustion. As much discomfort I have had so far, I'm thankful baby is fine and that I have been able to continue being active. It's just a reminder day by day that I'm getting closer to my due date and that it's a challenge to stay fit and comfy.

~ Tanisha

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