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Week 27
~ Ouch . . . that Hurts!

This week our little baby girl has been showing off her strengths--literally. She has been poking and jabbing me with her little bones in an effort to get comfortable. I'm getting more pokes and jabs with this baby than my first. We know she likes to be massaged on a regular basis; she'll push up her foot or some other body part and looks for it to be rubbed. I know she looks for it to be rubbed because once I rub it or someone else does for a few moments she'll take it away and then push it back out again.

Lately she has been stretching to where it hurts--not too bad but it's a bit of discomfort for me and I'm sure she doesn't care. She tries to stretch out into my ribs and my sides. She seems to enjoy punching my belly button because it's does tend to rise up and down often so I figure that is one of her favorite spots to hang out. My belly button was already an "outie" before I got pregnant so now it just looks super weird and wide.

Then it feels funny to be up walking around and she's moving and squirming at the same time. Sometimes she feels like a big worm and of course people I know don't like for me to say that but she does. She still rotates her body from time to time and can hurt depending in which direction she turns and how she uses her legs. At other times she feels like she's walking on my bladder or tapping a foot or fist on it. I can understand trying to get comfortable but I also think she does it for attention (lLOL). Just when I'm sitting still trying to relax all the sudden my stomach is hopping and rolls and running across the surface. She's a good kicker which says she's getting plenty of exercise.

Hearing familiar voices always gets her going too; I guess that's her way of trying to get in on the conversation.

I guess from now till she's born I'm gonna have to get use to the jabs, pokes, and hard bones. It's really interesting to feel how strong she is and yet she still has over 2 months left before checking out.

~ Tanisha

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