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Week 28
~ Lemon Lime Sugar Water

This week I had my Doctor's appointment and had the glucose test or sugar test. I was looking forward to getting it over with since you can't eat anything till you have the test. Between orange and lemon lime flavors I chose lemon lime. I guess I was in a lemon lime mood. Besides drinking sugar water and hanging out in the waiting room for an hour so they can draw blood I did see the Doctor and everything was fine; blood pressure, measurements, all that good stuff. The baby's heart rate was at 141 bpm which she was probably looking for real food to come down there since my stomach was starting to growl. As much candy and sweets I've been eating I hope my test comes back okay; I didn't eat nearly as much sweets with my first pregnancy.

My doctor also informed me that I would start coming in every two weeks now and then every week during the last month of the pregnancy. That sent tingles up and down my spine. Time is really flying and with each passing Doctor's appointment only means that I'm getting closer to the end of the pregnancy. As many discomforts as I have experienced from leg cramps, soreness in my breasts and muscles, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, etc. I'm looking forward to ending this pregnancy. Sometimes I wonder how much of this can a woman take? I guess this is what I get for having fewer symptoms in my first pregnancy.

Thanks to that sugar water stuff I left the office thinking about eating food at every restaurant we passed on the way home since I felt like I was deprived of food (lol). Then I get home and have the opportunity to eat something and lost my appetite for awhile. Go figure. With the bone chilling cold weather we've been having I did have some hot cocoa and later some soup. Baby was pretty happy to hear the food swishing since it had been a long time. I usually try to eat something first thing in the morning like fruit, wet or dry cereal, scrambled eggs, or crackers and some juice.

I'm really trying to absorb this pregnancy and enjoy the positive good moments; I don't think I want any more babies! I was for sure thinking I wasn't going to have anymore after my first. After suddenly losing my mother and being an only child I thought about it for a hot minute and then said I didn't want to. Will on the other hand was set on having a boy and a girl. He grew up with siblings and wanted a family of his own--which I can understand--sort of. I guess with this latest appointment it got me thinking more about the future and my family. That's something you can never think about too much because there's so much to do and plan for now and later on down the road.

~ Tanisha

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