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Week 29
~ Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Babies bring on so many decisions it's not even funny. I think for the most part most of the decisions can be made without difficulty; they just take a lot of thought before finalizing. In some cases they can be fun like picking toys or games to play and other times decisions can be time consuming like choosing names, clothes, brands, etc. I guess it's a part of trying to be a good parent and doing what you can, what you feel is best. Sometimes I tend to forget that (lol).

We decided to name our little girl Gabriella Ann. She has both of her late grandmothers' names; Will's mother's first name was "Ella" which I thought was a pretty name. My mother's middle name was "Ann." Then Will and I have always liked the name "Gabriella." So we have been calling her "Gabi" or "Gabi Ann" for short. I think she likes it depending on who says it. Her big brother still likes calling her "baby." Maybe he'll call her by her name when she's born (lol).

I have been looking at lots of baby clothes and little girls clothes and it is pretty exciting that I'll soon be able to dress our little girl in them. It's funny sometimes to look at baby clothes because they remind me of baby dolls. The little dresses, booties, headbands, socks, and to see mini size bracelets and other jewelry just cracks me up. I recently saw a woman with her daughter who was about 1 month old. Her baby had a little pink floral dress on and her little toe nails were painted hot pink. It was too cute.

Something else I have been thinking about is breastfeeding. I think I may try it for a few weeks--I think. I have been reading up on it and talking to a few moms who have done it. Some of them did breastfeed for a short time and then formula fed their babies. My breasts have been sore and leaky from time to time and I have heard that some women experience soreness while breastfeeding. There are days my breasts are literally tender to the touch so if I do decide to breastfeed I hope I don't get discouraged and stop. Plus I have been trying to get more familiar with the items you use during breastfeeding like pumps, breast pads, storage bags, etc. Since the economy is forcing me to pinch pennies many mothers have mentioned that I would save a ton of money and have countless advantages for myself and the baby health wise. The research is a good learning experience so far; I didn't bother to do any with my son and he was formula fed.

Gabi has been doing well; she is an active little diva. She has the hiccups almost everyday and she likes making my stomach lumpy pushing her parts up and making waves fly across. I still get morning sickness morning noon and night. Sometimes I have no appetite. I still have nausea like every other day. I'm more tired, cranky and moody. Leg cramps come and go often but lucky I haven't had any swelling yet. I had that often with my son but everything else I didn't have. While having more discomfort sometimes making decisions on things is the last thing I want to do. I have to decide what to do or what I can do to make myself feel better and I'm making decisions like this just about everyday.

~ Tanisha

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