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Week 31
~ Just So Tired

Lately I have been really tired and it doesn't matter what I do to feel energized I still feel tired and sometimes run down. I try going to bed early, taking a nap during the day, eating more during the day (when I have an appetite), and nothing really works. I think when the baby gets into her active phases for awhile I end up feeling the effects later. There are days that I'm so tired that I don't feel like talking or even being bothered by other people. If I'm really tired that's when people all of the sudden want to talk to you; when I'm not in the mood. I have been moody lately too and most of the time it's not a good mood either. I can feel good for 2 minutes and be crappy for half a day.

Since Gabi is growing bigger by the minute (literally) I think my body is working overtime trying to keep up her. She has her moments of kicking and playing till she gives herself the hiccups. Now she is starting to wake me up during naps and late at night. Most of the time she would sleep or rest when I did but that is starting to change. I notice the last few days when I feel like laying down for a minute she wants to lay in a more awkward position. It's a lot of work just to get comfortable for several minutes because she wants to be a certain way. Sometimes I have no control over my body because I can't lay the way I want to (lol).

While trying to adjust to the tiredness I have had to change certain daily duties or try to do things during the week that I may do during the weekend to try and rest more. Plus my tiredness is accompanied by aches and soreness in my legs, ankles, feet, back, and hands. I haven't had much swelling just more aches. I think the weather may be contributing too; it's been cold and then dealing with snow and freezing temps can make you tired. In the meantime I have plenty of reasons why I can pamper myself and find other ways of getting comfortable. It's just that now sometimes the comfort part doesn't last as long.

~ Tanisha

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