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Tanisha's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ 4 Pounds in 2 Weeks!

I had my two week check up this week and things are continuing to go well. My blood pressure and urine test were fine and to my surprise I gained four pounds since my last visit - two weeks ago. How in the world did I gain four pounds?!? I have notice my stomach is getting heavier and baby practically sits in my lap when I sit down. With her movements of kicking and squirming she feels pretty solid, meaning her bones are pretty strong. Lately some of her movements hurt a little like into my ribs and lower abdomen. Her heart rate at this appointment was 160 bpm and this was the first time I really notice how big my uterus has grown; well at least while laying down. I think Gabi had a growth spur. The doctor said my stomach was measuring where it should be and it was funny to see her squirming when the doctor was listening to her heart. At my next appointment I'll have another ultrasound to see if my placenta has come up. I was going to ask the doctor about that and he mentioned it before I could ask; it's good to be on the same page (lol).

I've been looking at more cute baby items again. Will is looking to get the 7 days of the week bibs. We had a set for Willie and I think he liked those bibs only because they reminded him what day it was when it was feeding time (lol); you know after you get tired and exhausted and can't remember certain things. I can tell it's going to be an adventure having more than one child. It will be hard to say "Oh I'm bored and have nothing to do."

Getting more tired by the day and now I have a cold. I was sick with a cold at the beginning of the pregnancy and I'm right back to where I started. I've had headaches throughout the pregnancy and now I'll have a stuffy nose, aches, sneezing scratchy throat, and coughing to go along with tender breasts, backaches, leg cramps, morning sickness/nausea, and dizziness. For me this part of the pregnancy is where baby feels fine and mommy feels like crap--everyday. I get so tired and sleepy I start falling asleep at my desk at work or at home when I'm trying to watch TV. I'll wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and Gabi starts to wake me up now letting me know I have to empty my bladder because if I don't empty it she keeps squirming and pressing on it till it goes down. I think she knows more about me than I know about myself (lol).

~ Tanisha

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