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Week 33
~ Planning Ahead

This week I've planning for what I'll be doing over the next week or two. Packing for the hospital is something I've been thinking to do and making a list of what I need to pack; I just need to actually pack (lol). I was thinking about what I did before my son was born and one thing I plan to do that I did at that time was to stock up on groceries. I went to the grocery store about a week or two before he was born and it helped out a lot because for almost a month I didn't have to worry about running to the grocery store for anything. We had a good amount of food, cleaning items, and other stuff for the house and baby. Some nights I didn't have to cook; I would just pull something out of the freezer or I could make a quick meal in 20 minutes without doing too much work.

I know I'll be packing a bag for myself and a few items for baby but I may have to pack some things for Willie too and I just realized that. He tends to get bored quickly if he's in a place for a long period of time other than home. I may just pack some coloring books and some of his favorite snacks like fruit snacks and applesauce. He'll probably get more excited once he sees his sister. Now he does talk to her more and give her massages to try and get her to go to sleep but she tends to squirm more when he's around. She probably likes the sound of his voice since he's the only little person she hears on a daily basis. Plus he's always playing with his toys and tries to get the baby to play too; he'll put a stuffed animal on my stomach and wait for her to kick it off or watch it rock and wave around.

I'm still not completely clear on what I will be doing during maternity leave and I still have to report my date to human resources at work since they want you to report your tentative due date about 30 days before giving birth. I have decided to give breastfeeding a try so I figured I should think about some things I can do at home that may help with that. We plan to change the layout in our bedroom to better accommodate having the baby sleeping with us. We have her bed set up but we'll have to move our bed to have hers next to me instead of on dad's side. It's not really a big deal but we figured it could save some time later.

Other than that baby is fine. She has been moving a little less since she is getting bigger; she still kicks pretty good from time to time and I still have morning/afternoon/evening sickness and I waddle even more when I walk. I think she has gotten lower in my stomach but I have mentioned before that she feels very low anyway most of the time. If she goes any lower she'll be hanging from between my legs like a piņata.

~ Tanisha

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