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Tanisha's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ We saw the baby again

This week I had my appointment and everything is fine. We saw Gabi during an ultrasound and she looked great. You could see all her little parts and she held up two fists. Her heart looked strong and the placenta did finally move up and away from the birth canal which was good to learn. She has dropped into position which I already knew because she feels very low. My weight gain though seems kind of weird to me; at my last appointment two weeks ago I was 152 lbs and today I was 158 lbs. I was 165 lbs when I had our son. Hopefully I won't gain too much more weight.

Gabi has been very particular about her parts. If she's not comfortable she definitely lets me know. I have to be uncomfortable in order for her to be satisfied. I have trouble sleeping at night because she tries to stretch and push out body parts in places she's not supposed to. Sometimes my stomach aches from all the stretching, tossing and turning of either myself or Gabi. She's starting to have more late night parties and the problem with that is some of her movements tend to hurt. Her father sometimes starts her late night jam session by snoring.

I still have nausea and morning sickness, either before eating, during eating, even after eating and on an empty stomach. I have been getting headaches again too but I think some of them come from moving too fast from one place to another.

I have gotten a few things together as far as packing for the hospital and should finish that in a few days. Other than that everything is moving along, I have been scaling back on physical activity since it is starting to get more difficult to walk (lol). Too much waddling. Just continuing to find comfort when I can, that is if Gabi will let me have some.

~ Tanisha

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