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Tanisha's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ We're Getting Closer!

I had my appointment this week and everything was good. I'm happy I didn't gain anymore weight and I was still at 158 lbs. I would have had a cow if I gained anymore weight. Gabi's heart rate was 146 bpm and again she was squirming away from the doctor. I had that weird cotton swab test; I know that's not the proper name for the test but it does feel weird having that thing down there even if it is just a few seconds (lol).

I feel like my tummy is too small for the baby. Lately it's been a challenge to walk, sit, lay, just about everything. At times I feel as big as a house even bloated when I haven't even eaten anything. Baby is still trying to get comfortable from time to time squirming and kicking and pushing body parts all around. I don't think she is trying to find her way out yet, I just think she looks for the most comfy position for the time being. She pretty alert moving around when I eat, talk, and try to take a nap. She still gets excited for dad and Willie when she hears them talking especially when they talk to her. She's pretty accustomed to hiccups as well; she has them two or even three times a day. It's really funny because my whole stomach jumps or wiggles with her hiccups.

We have finished packing for the hospital and now I plan to make a list of items to stock up on over the next few weeks. I plan to stock up on groceries toward the end of the month and get some snacks for the hospital stay.

Now I'll be looking forward to visiting the doctor weekly. I still feel crappy most of the time, tired, nausea, mood swings, and lately I have had a taste for fruits, fruit juices, popsicles, chocolate candy, chocolate milk and potatoes like fries and chips. I'm still trying to force real food in between all the sweets but I don't mind the sweets; they actually taste sweeter than ever now.

~ Tanisha

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