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Week 37
~ Just About Ready

This week at the doctor I found out I dilated 2.5 cm. I guess that's some progress from the fingertip measurement from last week. Baby Gabi was good this week; at least she didn't squirm away from the doctor when he checked her heart (which was 147 bpm). Basically any day now I could go into labor but I'm hoping baby will wait at least one more week then I'll be completely ready. At next week's appointment we may discuss the possibility of inducing me since my due date falls on a weekend. Maybe I'll have an April fool’s baby (lol).

The only thing left for us to do is stock up at the grocery store. I did this the weekend before my son was born and what we brought lasted for several weeks. I'm hoping to do the same this time and it will be a big help for all of us in the house. I have been reading the sales ads lately looking out for bargains to jump on. We are packed for the hospital and have the car seat ready but stocking up and doing a final shopping trip will make me feel more prepared and it's the last thing to do on my list. It was good to not have to worry about running to the store or leaving the house when Willie was born, but he was born in early July and it was hot. It was good not needing to take the baby out anywhere except for his checkup. Stocking up at the grocery store before having the baby really helped in so many areas plus we didn't have to spend any money for a couple of weeks so I was actually able to put money aside those first couple of weeks since I didn't need to go to the store. I know I'm going to be exhausted and it's nice to not have the worry of leaving home when your so tired.

Overall I have been feeling okay--still have morning sickness, head and back aches, discomfort most of the day, and baby has been sitting so low in my pelvis for the longest time. I'm surprised she hasn't slipped through my legs yet since she is so low. My son didn't feel this low-ever! It's more work to walk, sit, lay down, and just moving. My appetite is still off from time to time. I may want something sweet like a donut or have not taste for anything at all. I still have to force myself to eat sometimes. I have been drinking more water and experiencing more Braxton Hicks contractions. Baby has been squirming pretty well. She has the hiccups daily and even does a "knocking" like motion with her foot and/or knee. It's funny because a part of my stomach looks like a yo-yo when she "knocks." You can see it pretty well when she does it.

~ Tanisha

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