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Tara's Pregnancy Journal
Tara and Bill
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Tara's pregnancy journal.

Tara (34) and Bill (39) were married August 6, 2005 but have been together for over four years. Tara has an eight year old daughter from a previous marriage, and Bill has a 19 year old son from a previous marriage. They were expecting their first child together, Cameron, who was born at a full 40 weeks on November 24, 2006.

Tara's Journal Entries

Meet Tara

Week 7
Morning Sickness Rears Its Ugly Head

Week 8
Houston, We Have a Heartbeat!

Week 9
The "Secret" is Out!

Week 10
A Life Too Short

Week 11
Not a Good Week

Week 12
The Sick One

Week 13
Fighting the Sleepies (and the Grumpies)

Week 14
(Trying to) Keep a Lid on Stress

Week 15
(Almost) Half Way There!

Week 16
School's Out

Week 17
Summer's Here!

Week 18
The Waiting Continues

Week 19

Week 20
Wow, Halfway There Already

Week 21
Things A Pregnant Woman *Shouldn't* Do

Week 22
Party Update and Trying to Keep Cool

Week 23
Moving Target

Week 24
Birthdays and Anniversaries

Week 25
A (Very Welcome) Break from the Heat

Week 26
Where Has the Time Gone?

Week 27
Slowing Down

Week 28
The Suspense Is Over!

Week 29
Cranks R Us

Week 30
The Countdown Continues

Week 31
Not An Easy Week

Week 32
The Importance of Air

Week 33
Angels In Heaven

Week 34
Shower Time!

Week 35
Hanging In There (kind of sort of)

Week 36
Don't Mess With a Pregnant Woman!

Week 37
Bit of a Scare

Week 38
Still Waiting

Week 39
Me, Irritable????

Week 40
Still Waiting, But Hopefully Not For Long

Birth Story
Meet Cameron!

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