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Tara and BillMarch 28, 2006

It's still a bit "mind" boggling to believe that I'm actually pregnant again ! I had always wanted more than one child (mostly because I grew up as an only child and wasn't really crazy about it), and I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen. My first child was a "surprise," but I knew with my age that it might be more of a challenge.

We began trying shortly after Thanksgiving of 2005. Wow, the things I learned in the quest to get pregnant -- basal temperatures, cervical position, etc. -- nearly posessed me! While I was concerned that it **might** not happen, my dear husband was quite confident. Well, lo and behold, four cycles into the process (and two away from visiting the infertility clinic to see what was going on), I happened to do a test on March 10 -- and it was a faint positive! The last time I got one was with my daughter, so I knew this was for real.

Unfortunately, the day that happened, we had a bit of a mini-crisis with my stepson to deal with, so that sort of took the "bang" out of our excitement. But, after a day or two, we both had a chance to let the news sink in . . . and now we're both really happy about the arrival of our son or daughter, sometime around Thanksgiving.

Having a child was a point of contention early on in our relationship. Due to the circumstances of my husband's son (his wife died when his son was very young and he was left to bring him up without his mother), he had some very real (and scary) issues to deal with . . . but we got through them, with counseling and prayer.

We're being a bit cautious -- well, I'm at least trying to be -- about who we are telling at this point, considering I'm only about six weeks along. I hope the next two weeks goes by rather quickly, as we both can't wait to get a (quick) glimpse of our baby and be assured everything is fine by the doctors. They will likely be watching me rather closely this time around, since I have some health issues (blood pressure, asthma), compared to when I had my daughter at the age of 25.

For now, I'm feeling okay. Definitely more tired, and my chest is VERY sore, my appetite is increased, as are my visits to the bathroom!

We've had names picked out for a while -- and at this point, we *may* want to know if it's a boy or a girl -- but we'll keep you posted.

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