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Week 12 - May 13, 2006
~ The Sick One

Remember how just a few weeks ago, I commented how I didn't have very much in the way of morning sickness? Well, I certainly made up for it this week. After visiting my friend Jen and her family in Maryland (great great GREAT time, by the way !), I started feeling kind of poorly on Monday -- and couldn't WAIT to get out of my last class for the semester. I went right to bed and woke up at least six-seven times that night. And the next day, I felt like a freight train had hit me. Minus the fever, it completely felt like the flu -- head hurt like you wouldn't believe, stuffy nose, little to no appetite -- just awful! I stayed home and slept, and started feeling a bit better. Alas, Wednesday wasn't much better -- I made it through half a day at work and had to come home, where I proceeded to sleep for more than three hours. Finally, on Thursday, I began to feel a bit better, but still congested. Then, Friday, blessed Friday, I woke up and felt my stomach do some interesting flip flops, and then the dreaded "d" word came to visit, as if having a nasty head cold wasn't enough. So, between the visits to the bathroom and popping Immodium, I made it to work and got through the day.

But around 1:30, I started getting these sharp, stabbing pains on my right side, about five inches to the right of my belly button. I figured, ok, I'll wait about an hour and see if it dissipates. It didn't. So, I called the doctor (and felt kind of silly doing it). They likely thought it was due to the "d" and the irritation it was giving that particular system in my body. While I ate normally that day, by the time I got home and had dinner Friday night, I was only in the mood for some cooked noodles with butter and salt. Then, my daughter, husband and I sat down and laughed our heads off at a Jeff Dunham comedy show -- he uses puppets in his act, and I thought I was going to pee in my pants, I was laughing so hard

This past week, my daughter and two of her friends tried out for their school's first ever talent show. They were the first ones to try out, which I was very proud of her for doing so (took a lot of guts!). I told her that no matter the outcome, she would still be our number one star, and that I was extremely proud of her for trying out in the first place and working with her two friends on a routine to perform. Well, sadly, they didn't make the cut. She seemed okay about it (I really didn't want her to be too upset). She seems to believe that her two friends got a bit of "stage fright," and that might have affected the judges' decision. Either way, I thought she had some serious nerves of steel, compared to her mom (who still, to this day, gets scared to talk in front of groups, although I've done it many times). I don't think this will deter her from trying out and/or performing in the future.

Well, that's all for this week. I'll send out some pictures from our excursion to Maryland next week. Until then, take care and hope all of you moms (and moms-to be) out there had a great Mother's Day!

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