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Week 13 - May 19, 2006
~ Fighting the Sleepies (and the Grumpies)

On Sunday, I had a really nice Mother's Day -- Bill got me a beautiful book on the Philadelphia Garden show, a great card, made me breakfast, and Cassie made me a homemade, absolutely adorable card and bought me a cute little kit with all kinds of Burt's Bees goodies (ones she wants to try right along with me !) After the torrential rains let up, we went to Hershey Gardens for the day and had a blast. I tried to enjoy it as much as I could, knowing that going into this week was going to be a doozy, with a pretty substantial statewide primary election to look forward to on Tuesday night.

That night, I ended up heading to the northern part of the state to hang out at the home of the man who was vying for the Democratic nomination for US Senate (which he got, quite easily, actually). It was the long drive back, and attempting to make some sense of my writing (which isn't easy to do, even after a shortened day, but worse when it's nearly 1:30 in the morning and all you want to do is go home and crash). I survived that (and a rather smart remark from the newsroom assignment editor, which I'll get into in a bit). I think I finally caught up on my sleep sometime on Thursday. Poor hubby had to cover for his AM guy on Friday (and through Thursday of next week), since his wife went into labor a bit early (only by about a few days, I think). He was rather crabby today when I got home. Hopefully, the McLaughin Hour (which is shown on one of the PBS stations we get on Friday nights) will cheer him up.

I think I'm starting to feel the little "peach" now (we refer to the baby based on what it's approximate size it is -- when it was very tiny, we called it "ricey" or "beany"). I keep feeling what I *think* is movement - very slight, almost like little bubbles kind of popping, or just a feeling that something sort of swishing in my lower abdomen. In fact, I feel it the most when I'm very still (like right now while I'm at my computer desk typing or when I'm in bed at night). I've heard many women who've had subsequent pregnancies to feel the second (or third!) babies early. I hope I'm right! I go for my next checkup a week from today, so I hope by then they'll be able to hear the heartbeat -- worst case scenario, I'll insist on another ultrasound, if they can't pick up peachy's heartbeat easily. I'm also not having the cravings like I had before. I still need to eat a little something every few hours (and I can get a bit dizzy or lightheaded when I don't), which was very similar to my first pregnancy. I think, though, I'm at the point where I need some serious help with my underwear drawer; my panties are starting to be a bit too close for comfort!

Anyway, speaking of baby, when my *esteemed* (yes, note the sarcasm please) assignment editor (AE) made what sort of came out as a joking remark very early in the morning into post election day Wednesday, that got me thinking about how I might be perceived in the newsroom. With my first pregnancy, my boss and my staffers were GREAT -- if anything, my supervisor kept trying to get me to slow down and take it easy. I think the remark AE made was in jest, but he has a history of saying things that could get him into serious HR trouble, if you know what I mean (which happened back in 2000, when I had him written up). I talked with our news director, who has always been very approachable and wonderful to work with, and he assured me that no one has any reason to believe that I am using my pregnancy as a reason to "slack off." He was very, VERY supportive, and told me to please keep him posted, and that if there were any medical concerns to let him know, and if it came down to augmenting my work day or assignments, that it would be done, no problem. I also made it very clear that when I get back from leave, that I want the early shift. Sounds crazy, but it would mean less time the little guy/girl would have to be in care. It looks like that might be a go. I'm still saying my prayers on that one, but I do feel a LOT better after having my chat with him.

I also had a few bouts of teariness and some over-sensitivity. I'm a sensitive person by nature (which my husband likes to keep reminding me), but I tried to remind him that this time around, my feelings, along with everything else that's going on in my body, are a bit "wacko" right now. I also had to fight some irritability too. I think a bit more resting (and less "trying to do everything") helped a bit.

So, that's about it for this week -- oh, before I forget, I promised last week to include some pictures from our visit two weekends ago to Maryland (the one that I took to visit Jen and save my sanity!). I finally got to download them onto my computer. One is of the view at the bay at the end of the street where they live, and the other is of my friend Jen's little boy, and my daughter, Cassie. You can totally see why I want to go back there !


Until next week, take care everyone :)

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