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Week 16 - June 9, 2006
~ School's Out

As I write this entry, my daughter, Cassie, is officially a graduate of 3rd grade. I'm still amazed at where the time has gone. Seems like yesterday I was seeing her off on her school bus, headed to kindergarten. Third grade was one of my favorite grades, and I think it was for her, too. She did very, very well this year. Just this week, we found out one of her short stories she wrote for her class will be included in an anthology to be published ! Wow - ok - warning -- proud mom moment here: I never thought at the tender age of almost nine that my daughter would be an author ! Must run in the family or something (ha ha!).

On the "peachy" front, he/she is moving a LOT now. I can't wait to get to my detailed ultrasound on June 29th. I'm trying not to think about it too much (about whether it's a boy or girl), but I've made no secret here that I'm sort of leaning toward a girl. I've just had a bit better luck with them. But, maybe God has a plan for me, notably if it turns out to be a boy. It's just the "boys" in my life lately have made things very, VERY challenging, to say the least, and I hope one more won't be the bane of my existence!

Last week, I thought about adding something additional to my entry, but due to my lateness in getting my journal sent out, I decided to wait until this week. I don't know how many of you have had challenging (some might also say clueless) husbands when it comes to what to do for their wives -- so, in the hopes of promoting pre-baby (and post baby) harmony, here's goes some hints for the hubbies/partners out there -- any you'd like me to add to this list, just email me:

1) Take the initiative -- don't wait for Mom-to-be to make dinner, do laundry, etc. One of the best things to do is to be able to come home from a long day and have someone else take care of these sorted tasks for you. It's very thoughtful and VERY much appreciated. Equally important -- don't *wait* for her to ask you to do something. Again, take the first step. Trust me, she will appreciate it.

2) Be understanding of mood swings. Mom-to-be has a LOT going on inside -- many things that you won't be able to see or comprehend. If she gets weepy or moody, as hard as it may be for you, try to understand. Hug her when she has a really bad crying spell. Let her know everything will be okay. Especially if it's your first baby, there's a lot to think about and become adjusted to (for both mom and dad-to-be). It can throw you for a loop -- reassure her that you're there for her, even if deep down, you're scratching your head, trying to figure out "what in the world is wrong with her." Trust me, it's not easy growing a baby -- and each one you have (if you plan to have more than one) can pose different challenges for the mom - so please, PLEASE, be supportive.

3) Let her know she's still attractive in your eyes. Sure, we read about what to expect with our bodies, but nothing can fully prepare you for the disappearance of your waist, sore breasts, or a resurgence of pimples (thanks hormones!). Let her know that you still think she's pretty -- maybe treat her to a cute pregnancy outfit.

4) Do little things. Buy her flowers, or better yet, pick some wildflowers (equally sweet). Write her a note, telling her all the things that you love about her, or about how great of a mom she's going to be. Nothing melts a woman's heart faster. (Hubby, if you're reading this, take particular note of this one )

Again, any additional ones, please let me know . . . I can add them on in a future entry (and maybe pass along some wisdom to hubby dear!)

By this time tomorrow, my firstborn will be in Florida, visiting with my mom and stepdad. I'm trying not to get too anxious about her impending flight. Knowing my mom's with her does help. I just wish, with all the stress and junk going on (mostly at home) right now, I could go with her. I hope this next week goes by fast, especially so I can join her next weekend!

Until then, take care, everyone.

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