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Week 17 - June 13, 2006
~ Summer's Here!

While it's not "officially" week 17 for me yet (won't be until 6/16), I will be en route to Florida that day, so I figured I'd "work ahead" and get my latest entry out before I head to the sunnier (and Alberto-free) climes of Florida.

I've been very forgetful this week -- for example, I'll ask hubby if he wants rice to go with our dinner, and then ten minutes later, I'll ask him again! Or, he'll tell me something that happened at work with a co-worker, only to ask how that co-worker's doing - not even half an hour after he told me! Guess it goes with the territory . . .

In the last week or so, I've also experienced some swelling - a tiny bit in my legs (usually after a long day at work), but moreso in my hands. At this point in my first pregnancy, I couldn't even wear my rings. Right now, I can wear my plain gold band and my engagement ring, but that's about it (I have another band I like to wear with them, but it's become too tight).

And, last but not least, the gas -- no, not what we put in our car (but imagine if we could power our vehicles with the "stuff" we emit? ha ha!), but the flatulence and burping are nearly constant, if not comical. Hubby tells me the other day he heard me "let one" while I was asleep and he chuckled. I figure that's nothing compared to some of the "gas attacks" I've experienced over the years -- at least mine was under the covers LOL !

Before I close out for this week, hubby took a recent picture of me alongside the Susquehanna River -- not too far from the state Capitol -- as you can see, getting quite a bit bigger all around!

16 weeks

Well, must get back to the "old grind." Until next week . . .

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