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Week 18 - June 22, 2006
~ The Waiting Continues

First off, this little one (who I think is about the size of a softball or grapefruit (?) has been VERY active this week -- lots of movement, especially toward the end of the week -- feels like rolling most of the time, but sometimes he/she sort of 'pokes' me. It's actually caught me by surprise on a few occasions -- which is a very nice diversion at work, that's for sure. As I write this, he/she is in what I believe is his/her favorite spot -- over toward the left. A week from today (6/29) we will hopefully find out if it's a boy or a girl. I'm sort of leaning toward a girl, as I've written in my past entries, but I think it will be a boy. I just hope I'm prepared to handle a little boy -- haven't had much experience with little boys, so I guess I better get prepared ! ha ha

Had a great trip to see my parents (mom and stepdad) down in Florida -- gorgeous place they have, and such a beautiful area! I can see why Cassie wanted to stay another week (me too!). The time down there just went by so fast. I'll post some pictures of our stay in my next entry.

Got a bit of bad news this week -- remember how I had written about (what I thought was) a good possibility I would get the morning shift once I returned from maternity leave? Well, it turns out the old fart (sorry, but I'm still a bit perturbed and disappointed) has decided that he's not retiring in November as he had stated previously. During my annual review today, my ops. mgr. says he wants to stay on, so long as his health holds out (he's quite overweight, has heart problems, and basically has no kneecaps left -- basically, walking is like bone on bone). I'm like, great, there goes my chances of wanting to spend more time at home with my kids. Very, very disappointed. Now, I plan on looking into reducing my work hours, low enough so I can have a bit more time with Cassie and this little one, but work enough so I can keep my benefits -- that is, if I stay in my current job/position. Plus, I'm putting out some feelers about working from home. Not sure what's out there (this is sort of unchartered territory for me), but I'm keeping my options open. I look at it this way -- I have at least 20 more weeks or so before the baby's born, plus the time on maternity leave - I'm praying *something* comes up! There's the chance I could get some work at a private school, but I don't know how likely it would be that an opening at the school I interviewed with a few months back would occur, especially half way thru the school year. I think I better 'give this one up' to God. I'm trying to fight the urge to be jealous/envious of my stay at home mom friends -- sometimes I think they do have it easy, but I also know that they also have to make some sacrifices to be able to stay at home, and they can't stay at home forever. Two of them are now looking for work. The whole thing is just so d***** frustrating!

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep my weight down to a reasonable level -- the doctor told me at my last visit that he wants me to gain only about 1/2 a pound each week. I've also stepped up the exercise -- going for walks in the evening with Cassie. We call them our "bunny" walks, since we tend to see and spot a lot of them out eating their dinners before the sun sets. I'm also trying to do more stretching type exercises as well. I figure every little bit helps! Plus, I hope it keeps the swelling down. Haven't had too much of it in my feet -- sometimes after work they get a little big (and on the plane they got HUGE), but I'm hoping to keep it at bay, by keeping the salt in my diet low and my water intake high.

Well, I must sign off of here for now -- need to make dinner -- I'm thinking spaghetti carbonara (if it turns out !). Take care, everyone, until next week. And if any of you have any ideas or information on working from home that you'd like to pass along, please feel free to email me .

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