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Week 20 - July 7, 2006
~ Wow, Halfway There Already

This week was a rather uneventful one, which isn't a bad thing, compared to the roller coaster I was on last week! At work, it's getting into the "slow" start of the year, which I don't necessarily mind, because with the lawmakers out on "summer recess," that means less time having to follow every little move (however idiotic) they make.

I'm feeling a bit better about things. I've sort of accepted that yes, I will likely have to return to work full time after my leave expires. I haven't broached the subject of a (permament) reduced work with my ops. mgr., but I may chat with him soon. I don't want to rock the boat, especially after a position within the company (not in my specific department) was eliminated last week. I know it's not the worst thing in the world (having to work full time 9 to 5), but I really thought the morning shift was going to be a reality. But, I'm still praying and leaning on God in all of this, and I hope the guilt I have will dissipate -- and that both of my children will understand that if Mom could have three wishes, one of them would be to be able to stay at home with them more. Until a genie comes along and grants my wish, in the meantime, I'll keep plugging away, saving money so I can eventually leave my job, student teach and then get a teaching job and have my summers off with my children.

Little "bean" is moving quite a bit now -- I'm noticing it more and more, notably when I'm still or in my car. My neighbor got me this great "pampered pregnancy" set, which comes with a CD with some nice piano music (very George Winston-ish), and I've been listening to it lately. My hope is that this baby, like my first, will respond positively to it, notably on those days or nights when he/she is rather cranky. I still remember putting in a classical tape, one I had listened to when I was pregnant with Cassie, one night when she was an especially cranky newborn. The look on her face was priceless! It was as if she could say, "gee, where I have I heard *that* before?"

Speaking of dear daughter, I'm counting the days until she's home; I hope they go by swiftly. I need someone to help me with her stepdad's party, which will be the day after she gets back from visiting her father and his family (the 16th of July). It's a biggie -- the big 4-0! We're having a small get together at a favorite restaurant/pub of ours, so it should be fun. I don't want to write much more about what I have done, just in case hubby dear decides to read the entry for this week!

Well, must head off to make dinner -- my appetite is starting to increase again -- so I'll close off for now. Stay cool, everyone, and until next week . . .

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