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Week 22 - July 21, 2006
~ Party Update and Trying to Keep Cool

With my last entry, things were a bit "tense," to say the least. But, they did improve, and the 40th birthday party for dear husband went off very well. Everyone (at least I *hope* they did) had a good time and he got some very nice (and very appreciated) gifts, especially those to use for his new grill. Now, time to gear up for the next summer birthday -- my daughter's! Can't believe she's going to be nine soon. Wow! Seems like yesterday, she was kicking me something fierce in utero -- now, not only is she a great reader, swimmer, lightning-bug catcher, but also a great kid. A mom couldn't ask for a better daughter. I'll have to remind her of this when she forgets to clean her room or leaves her stuff out everywhere in the living room - ha ha!

Speaking of kicking, he/she is moving A LOT now, making sleeping a bit more interesting, but sort of fun, too, at the same time. His/her daddy finally got to feel the baby move this past week (after weeks of me feeling his/her squriming). He/she seems really active while I'm typing up my scripts at work, but also when I first wake up. He/she doesn't seem to be too active in the middle of the night (all the times when I have to get up to go to the bathroom), which is good -- otherwise it would mean it would be even more difficult for me to get back to sleep!

Still trying to keep the stress levels down. I find writing (I have another journal -- a daily one) is a big help, especially when I get really irritated and I need to vent and I don't want to take it out on anyone. I'm trying to focus on the positive and I keep praying my maternity leave won't fly by.

The past week has been really HOT, too . . . and I've noticed my rings aren't fitting as loose as they used to . . . and my ankles are starting to swell slightly at the end of the day. All par for the course, I guess.

Well, I suppose I better wrap things up for now -- can't wait for this day to end, so the weekend can officially begin -- Cassie has a sleepover this weekend, and we're also planning on our annual "blueberry picking" trip for Sunday -- we need to replenish our supply -- badly!

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