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Week 24
~ Birthdays and Anniversaries

Hi there everyone - while I hate to start out any letter or journal entry with an apology, I am this time for being so late with this week's "report" of sorts. It has been a VERY busy week already. Late last week, while I was off, my daughter and I went to Baltimore for her birthday and visited the National Aquarium - to say it's awesome is an understatement! We had a blast, and stayed cool, which was good, considering that the city hit 100 degrees that day. Since the last time we visited there, which was about five years ago, they have a new Australian exhibit, which was amazing. Then, later that evening, we made her requested "favorites" for dinner -- tortellini with alfredo sauce, artichokes and cheesy garlic bread. And, of course, an ice cream cake she picked out to wrap things up.

Seemed like that day just flew by, and then, before I knew it, she was off to visit her father. While I thought her visits would be a bit easier the older she gets, I'm finding that's sometimes not the case. I still got a bit weepy (not around her, though), and when I returned home, it was a bit sad initially. That is, until my husband surprised me with an early anniversary gift! While I was taking Cassie to meet her father, Bill had gone out and got me a wonderful foot massager from Conair. When I came back home, my feet were BEYOND swollen and I went to fill up a big bowl with some ice water. He told me to hang on a second, ran outside to the car, and came back in with the massager. That was really a nice surprise! However, that wasn't the only surprise in the past week...

The day before I took off time for Cassie's birthday and our anniversary, I got a call around 2 pm from the front desk. The woman who was answering the phones for our receptionist told me there was a package here for me. I'm thinking, 'who would send me anything?' At first, I thought it was from Bill, but then I dismissed that quickly, thinking it was WAY too early for him to do that, since our anniversary wasn't until the weekend. Well, I was definitely surprised when I saw what he gave me -- not one, but **two** dozen roses, along with a card with a beautiful message. That definitely made the day go by loads faster!

Anyway, back to the anniversary. The day after I dropped Cassie off to see her father, we headed to a really nice bed and breakfast about two hours away along the Delaware River -- not too terribly far from Philadephia. I got a MUCH needed massage, we drove around, saw the sites, visited some shops, and just completely relaxed. It was something we both needed -- a time just for us, to get away and reconnect. The last day we were there, it was very difficult to leave, and even now, there's a part of me that wishes I was still there. The couple that runs the B and B were very welcoming and absolutely catered to our every need. We'll definitely have to go back there after the baby's born (they told us we had to! ha ha)

I guess at this point you're probably wondering if there's any baby news -- I can report that he/she is moving a LOT now. The other night while we stayed over at the B and B, baby moved around to the point where it's actually starting to hurt a bit. I think he/she thinks my cervix is his/her personal trampoline! I'm starting to notice definite periods of activity, alternating with periods where he/she is very quiet (some days almost too quiet). I'm hoping the time goes by a bit quicker between now and when we get our detailed 4D ultrasound. I'm almost convinced this one's a boy, but there's a part of me that's gearing myself up for a surprise!

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