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Week 26 ~ August 18, 2006
~ Where Has the Time Gone?

It's difficult to believe that I'm this close to the third trimester -- and as I sit here at work (I have some down time, which happens more often than not in the summer), with my feet propped up underneath my desk, it's hard to imagine that the time since I got my first positive pregnancy test was way back in March (March 13th to be exact). S/he is already up to two pounds - and for now, s/he is still, but I know that won't last, especially after the way s/he was using my cervix as its trampoline earlier today!

I finally got around to sending off a congratulatory card to a friend of ours (and Bill's AM anchor/reporter) -- she and her husband had a baby boy about three weeks ago. I felt bad, because I kept asking him, "well, are you guys (those at work I mean) going to send something to her?" -- it's always been customary and in my experience that co-workers tend to go in together to get some sort of gift for the new parents and the baby -- or at the very least, the company sends flowers or a gift basket of some sort. Dear hubby, while having to deal with working mornings for the new mommy while she's out on leave, I suspect had some issues with forgetfulness. So, I took it upon myself to find out -- and my dear husband didn't do anything. Well, I figured, I'll still send a card from us, so she doesn't think that we forgot about her and/or didn't care, and hopefully we can go visit them soon and bring them over a little something (which is what I had hoped to do anyway). I hope she realizes how forgetful her boss can be sometimes! Hopefully, dearest husband hasn't inherited my "pregnancy forgetfulness," otherwise I guess I'll be getting myself something after this one's born ! Sure hope not ;)

I'm off to pick up Cassie this weekend from her last summer visit with her father and his family before she starts school. I was just reminiscing how it seems like only yesterday, she was so tiny, barely six pounds in my arms, and now she's getting ready for fourth grade. Sometimes I wish the time would slow down a bit, but I have to get better at "smelling the roses," so to speak. I'm off for two days next week, and I'm sure Cassie and I will find some fun things to do before she heads back to school on the 28th of August.

Before I close out this week, here's a picture Bill took of me last weekend during one of our "couples only" excursions. I told you I was getting big ! :)

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