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Week 27 ~ August 29, 2006
~ Slowing Down

As I approach what's now the last segment of my last pregnancy, I'm finding I'm starting to get more tired again. It's almost a reminder of what transpired during my first trimester, where I'd come home from work and collapse for at least a half hour, sometimes more. I'm also noticing my appetite is coming back, while at the same time, my stomach is pushed up something fierce and I can't eat as much. And, there's also the indigestion . . . I guess it's all par for the course!

This week begins my daughter's first week as a fourth grader. When I asked her if she was looking forward to the first day of school, she says 'not really.' When I asked her why, she says the summer went by too quickly. I guess I can kind of understand that, between starting off the summer with a visit to see my parents in Florida, then back for a little bit and then off to see her father in New England, and then back home for a bit until after her birthday; I can see where it could be a bit of a blur. The weeks she was gone, for me, went by and have always gone by so slowly. I'm actually glad she's back home -- at least during the school year, I have her with me most of the time, and I do enjoy spending as much time as I can with her.

Well, I've finally accepted my current "working" situation. You might recall some months back that I was really agonizing over not (immediately) getting the AM shift, as I had hoped I would be, when I returned from maternity leave in late February/early March. I have heard, through the grapevine, that the old curmudgeon has been telling people he's "still thinking about it," so who knows? I'm just praying a lot about it, and trusting in God in all of this. I know I'm getting a lot more time off with the baby than I did with Cassie (which still bothers me to this day, but I was in a much tougher position then), and I can come back to work part time for the first month back. I'm still going to keep my options open -- in other words, if a position somewhere else opens up, and it's second or third shift, then I just might take it.

I have my glucose test at the doctor's office this week, along with a visit to my chiropractor. My back is still bothering me (thank goodness for the back pillow I have at work!), so I'm hopeful he can give me some relief.

Also, the big highlight this week comes on Saturday, when we (Cassie, Bill and I) go to see the baby -- I found a place that does the so called "3D" ultrasounds . . . so we will finally, without a shadow of a doubt, know if it's a boy or girl ! I'll keep you posted.

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