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Week 28 ~ September 2, 2006
~ The Suspense Is Over!

Baby CameronI realize this is a few days late, but we wanted to wait until our 3D ultrasound appointment to post the news..and, it's clear that we're having a . . .

Little Baby Boy!

We were able to see little Cameron's "money shot" quite clear, as well as his antics, such as taking one foot and touching his nose and mouth (as a former gymnast, I was impressed!), yawning, sucking his thumb and playing with the umbilical cord. He had the chubbiest cheeks (must get that from his brother!) and we've already surmised he definitely has my hands, nose and ears, but he has his father's mouth shape and chin. It was quite a site and worth every penny we paid. The place we went to gave us some printed pictures, a CD with tons of pictures, a neat coupon book, and a VHS tape of the entire ultrasound.

While at first I thought I might be disappointed, I have to admit I'm not at all. It's going to be neat having a little boy -- and it's really nice we can call him by name, instead of he/she all the time.

I'm still in awe over what's transpired today, and both Bill and I admit it's made us feel a lot closer to our little boy. Wow, I'm having a son!

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