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Week 30 ~ September 16, 2006
~ The Countdown Continues

When I first looked at the calendar and realized this week begins week 30, one part of me was pretty excited, the other was a little nervous, especially since I feel there's *so* much more that needs to be done before Cameron gets here. Dear hubby says he will be working on getting the nursery ready soon - I've had to lay off bothering him about it, because (apparently) I was starting to be a nag and drive him crazy. He's promised me it **will*** be done by the end of this month (and I had to promise him that I would "lay off" on the pressure, which I think I've done a good job of so far). In the meantime, I've been getting a few things here and there for Cameron, including some little sleepers, and I hope to get the closet in the computer room (soon to be Cameron's room) in order this weekend. Right now, Cameron's room has our computer, Bill's radio stuff, bookshelves, a printer and a bed, which used to be mine before we got married. Bill has already taken measurements in our room (which is where our computer and other related gadgets are going to go), and we're still not sure what's going to happen with the old bed. But, as long as it's out of here and there's room for Cameron's crib, his changing table and a rocking chair and dresser for the lamp, I don't care.

He and I just got back from our second prenatal class -- we signed up for the three week class (three hours each Saturday), since during the week it would have been a bit more difficult for us, especially with our work schedules. Today was the day we discussed pain meds, c-sections, what to do for back pain in labor, and all that fun stuff. Oh, and we got to watch a birth film. Bill and I were alright with seeing the baby born, although I admit, it did kind of "weird" us out to see such intimate parts of another woman's body pushing a baby out (I joked with Bill that I will NOT be totally naked when Cameron's born -- I do still have some modesty!), but seeing the placenta delivered sort of turned my stomach. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the wonders of birth and delivery, but I don't plan on seeing all the "stuff" come out -- all the blood and so forth gets me a little queasy, and Bill too (I'm glad it's not just me). Plus, he told me with his David's birth (his son from his first marriage), he was sitting near her head, so he didn't see all of the "stuff," so to speak. That's exactly where I want him to be with this one, too.

I know *for sure* that I want to completely avoid having another c-section. Our teacher at this prenatal class was great -- I wish I had had her for my first classes when I was pregnant with Cassie. She went into a lot of detail, which is something I wished had occurred the first time around. When we watched the tape of a c-section delivery, all those memories came rushing back -- the shaving of the belly and my lower "parts" (UGH!), giving me the spinal, washing my belly down with the iodine solution - all of that stuff. That's not to say that Cassie being born wasn't a pleasant experience, it was just wasn't what I had expected. I hope this time around, I will be able to have an uncomplicated delivery, and hopefully have as few meds as possible.

Turns out we have some interesting news - but I can't say much more about that for now, but I will write in more detail very soon. Let's just say that one of my prayers has been answered, but not in the way I expected, but it's all good . . .

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