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Week 34 ~ October 18, 2006
~ Shower Time!

Tara at 33 weeksSorry this entry's a bit late . . . but I wanted to wait until after my shower this past weekend to write in. My friend, Laura, did a *tremendous* job with my baby shower -- the food, the cute invites, organizing everything -- you name it, she did it! My friends (and my sister) who came to the shower really made it special -- and their gifts were so thoughtful (and very much appreciated)! I even got some "practice" time with my friend Christine's little baby boy, Royce -- talk about a cutie pie :) -- he even fell asleep in my arms at one point, so I took that as a good sign ;) Cassie had a good time too, especially with all the goodies she got, in addition to the ones she ate! ha ha

We're starting to get a bit closer to getting the baby's room finished, although the computer, the book shelves, etc., are still in here as I type this. At least the crib is up, and I hope to get/find a small dresser in the next week or so, as well as purchase a changing table that goes with the crib. I did break down and order some of the bedding yesterday, even though I know I could have waited, but I'm starting to get a bit antsy.

Baby Cameron is doing well . . . at my last appointment this past week, I'm measuring a tiny bit ahead (based on the fundus measurement), but the heartbeat's nice and strong (145 bpm) and he's still squirming around quite a bit, especially when I'm typing on the computer keyboard, both at home and at work! The Braxton Hicks contractions are starting to become a bit more frequent, and Cameron has found that my cervix makes a great trampoline, much to Mom's chagrin . . .

By the way, we had a great time last weekend during our visit to Erie, a city I've been wanting to visit for some time since I moved to Pennsylvania. We had a really nice Columbus Day weekend visit there -- Lake Erie is beyond beautiful! Before I close out this entry (I have to get ready for work here shortly), I'll include a 33 week picture of me with Lake Erie in the background . . .

Take care until next week!

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