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Week 36 ~ October 28, 2006
~ Don't Mess With a Pregnant Woman!

Ok, so the title to this week's entry is a little bit "snarky," but I think those of us on here who have been or who are can identify with it. I have to share what happened this week at work. Right now at our present location, we have two microwaves in our kitchen/common area. I went in to heat up one of my frozen meals -- the type where you have to heat it for a few minutes, unwrap it, stir it, and then put it back in the microwave for a few minutes more. Our kitchen isn't too far from the newsroom, so normally I put it in, finish up a few things and then come back. Well, on Monday, when I came back to take up "part two" of the process, someone else (who shall remain nameless, although I'm tempted to print her name) was at the micro, took MY food out and had hers in. I didn't say a word - just picked up my food and moved over to the other microwave, but I was PISSED. Then, she says, "oh, was that your food?" Uh, yea . . . and then says, "it just dinged," to which I said, "well, it wasn't DONE yet." Then she says, "oh, you can put your food back in this one, then." But I said NEVERMIND and continued in the other one. Excuse me if I was on deadline AND I can't walk very fast to ensure that YOUR food gets in the microwave within seconds of the bell going off . . . I know in the whole grand scheme of things that this was a minor irritation . . . but 1) don't mess with someone else's food, unless it's been sitting there for more than five minutes and no one's shown up, and 2) don't EVER mess with food for a ***pregnant*** woman! Suffice it to say, this particular woman is on my s**t list.

Anyway, that was my only real irritation to report this week. I guess it's all part of the course of the latter stage of pregnancy. I had another OB visit this week (I'm now starting to go every week) and had my group B strep test and also an internal. I had asked the nurse/midwife to do a check, since I had been having some cramps down low and more Braxton-Hicks contractions. Well, nothing really new to report (no real dilation/effacement) -- she could get a fingertip in, but my cervix is still high (I didn't think she'd ever find it). She did report that Cameron is starting to move down into position -- he's at stage +2, I believe, and his heartbeat is nice and healthy. Bill was able to go with me to this appointment, which was a relief -- I don't tend to do too well with internals, and the same happened when I was pregnant with Cassie (they hurt like the dickens!).

I'm feeling a bit better this week (at least emotionally). I'm still keeping my appointment with my therapist, just to make sure I'm not heading down the bumpy road of depression again (I really hope not). I haven't had any crying jags at all this week, which has been a relief. However, sleeping has become more of a challenge, as I'm starting to wake up more to go to the bathroom and my hips are starting to hurt when I get up for those trips and also when I wake up in the morning. Having a cold doesn't help either!

Cameron is still moving around, despite the lack of space -- he tends to kick me around the right side of my belly, and still loves to move around. One night this week, I had my stomach angled toward Bill's back while we were laying in bed, and Cameron gave a really good punch that even surprised his daddy! I had to laugh, because I'm so used to it by now.

Oh, one more thing to tell you about before I close out for this week -- as Bill and I were about to drift off to sleep a few nights ago, he says good night and "I love you" to me (and I do the same), and then he says, "I love you Cameron." I thought my heart was going to just melt

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