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Week 38 ~ November 10, 2006
~ Still Waiting

Well, Cameron is still waiting for the "right" time to arrive--I've had a bit more pain in the pelvic floor area and also in my lower back, so I'm hoping that with the extra pain, it means we're getting a bit closer to delivery day. Now with Election Day behind me, I don't care too much when he arrives, as long as it's soon! I hope he does arrive either before Cassie has to leave to see her father during the week of Thanksgiving, or holds off until she comes back the weekend following Turkey Day.

Speaking of Election Day, it did go rather well, much better than I expected -- not sure why (if my assistant editor decided to "chill out" for my benefit, or if it was because some of the bigger races were decided VERY early), but I'm not going to question it -- it was just a relief that things were busy, but very calm that night. I managed to get out of there by 12:30 -- much earlier than if I had had to travel, which is normally the case on Election Day, since I tend to cover at least one campaign the entire night, and it's usually quite a distance away.

Bill took a day off this week to take care of stuff in the baby's room, including putting together the dresser, which looks very nice! I'm off today, so I will probably sort some of his things into the drawers and maybe move a few things around. It will be nice just to have the house to myself for a little bit, which is a rarity! I hope to also get a flu shot today and also head to another checkup with my doctor. We'll see if Cameron is making any "progress" . . .

As crazy as this may sound, I think I'm going to go back to bed for a bit and just rest some, despite getting at least 9 hours sleep last night! Guess I better take advantage of being able to snooze while I can!

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