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Week 39 ~ November 17, 2006
~ Me, Irritable????

Maybe it's just part of the "home stretch" as far as waiting for Cameron's arrival is concerned, but in the last week, I've noticed my tolerance and patience levels have certainly waned. Combine that with the constant pain around my tailbone and hips (especially when I'm sleeping), the never-ending trips to the bathroom (day and night) and trying to avoid certain people at work who I *know* will ask "you're still here!", I guess it's no wonder I've been a bit more irritable.

This is also coming up on the weekend that Cassie goes to see her father (he gets Thanksgiving with her as part of our visitation agreement). Bill will be taking her to meet her father, since I can't travel more than an hour outside the area. I normally get a little anxious around these "visitation" times, at least until I know she's safely at her destination. Some things never change, I guess. Tonight (Friday) we're having "her" Thanksgiving -- it's a tradition we started a number of years ago, where she makes a list of foods she wants, and we celebrate our own "Thanksgiving" with her. We decided we weren't going to let the calendar dictate when we give thanks for her

It appears I'm making *some* progress as far as Cameron's impending arrival is concerned -- I've moved down to -1 station, I'm dilated a bit more and significantly more effaced. I hope this doesn't mean he comes this weekend. If he doesn't arrive before Cassie leaves (highly unlikely), then I hope he waits just a bit until his sister gets home -- I'd really like her to be here when he's born, but I just have to put it in God's hands, as I try to do with everything (instead of taking it all on my own shoulders).

With that news, I'm going to talk with my ops. manager. today about my "official" last day -- which will be 11/22 -- and even if Cameron's not here yet, I'm taking the following week off as sick time (so I'll get paid at my full salary before the short term disability kicks in) . . . meantime, the waiting continues!

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