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Week 40 ~ November 23, 2006
~ Still Waiting, But Hopefully Not For Long

Here it is, Thanksgiving, and I'm still waiting for my "turkey baby" to be born. After two additional false alarms (one on Tuesday, the other on Wednesday), an increase in my dilation by a centimeter, stripping of membranes, and more monitoring, the doctors gave us the option of a induction . . . and we took it! We're leaving for the hospital early on Black Friday, and I hope by the day's end, we'll be holding our precious baby boy in our arms.

Bill has been extremely anxious over the last few days, understandably, with the emotional roller coaster we've both been on. It's a relief to know that tomorrow, they're going to "step up" the process and get things started. I've already decided that no matter what, I will stay put in that hospital -- and I will NOT be leaving without a baby in my arms -- end of story! We've been to waaaayyyy too many visits to the labor and delivery department to go through all this again. It's Eviction Time, little man!

I'll keep you all posted - please pray this is it!

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