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Tara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7
~ Morning Sickness Rears Its Ugly Head

At the beginning of last week, I really thought I had it easy, second time around being pregnant -- sore chest (no big deal), a little bit of a backache now and then, and wanting to drink a LOT of water (which I feel is a good thing). Well, little beanie boy/girl threw me for a loop this week -- the nausea set in! So far, I've been lucky-- no trips to the bathroom, but the overall "ugh" feeling is somewhat persistent in the mornings, even if I eat something immediately. Yesterday I was SO unbelievably tired at work, and of course, that's the day our assignment editor wants to have a chat. What I really felt like telling him was, 'look, I feel like I'm going to throw up any minute, can you just email us what your concerns are and we'll take it from there?" Thank goodness I had some rootbeer and crackers nearby to settle my stomach.

I've also had a few bouts of constipation and some serious gas -- which I think has led to some cervical bleeding (sorry if it's TMI). That really scared me . . . when I called the doctor's office, after asking me a few questions, the nurse seemed to think it was due to the extra blood vessels in the cervix, and that it's much more sensitive now than before. But, when you see something that's a bit "different" when you go to the bathroom, it is a bit scary, especially being only seven weeks along.

Speaking of work again, I haven't told them yet - we're waiting until our first appointments next week. I'm trying not to worry too much. I've even gotten to the point where I check my chest every day to make sure they're still sore (reassuring signs, I suppose). I hope at this point I'm pretty close to not worrying about if the little one's still going to stay put -- I"ve heard having morning sickness is a good sign in that regard. I'm not too terribly worried about telling work (my co-worker in the afternoon already knows and he's great about keeping secrets), I just won't allow them to add on to my stress -- period. If my Assmt. Editor even makes jokes about "gee, what are we going to do while you're out?", I'll just say, "you know what? You'll manage."

Well, my husband this week FINALLY told his son (my stepson) about the pregnancy -- I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for him to do it (the only reason my daughter knows is because she happened to be here when I tested for the first time and I also desperately wanted to tell her). He seems pretty cool about it -- at nearly 20, nothing really phases him too much. He knew going into this (his dad and I getting married) that we wanted to add another child to the family, so it wasn't like he wasn't prepared or anything. Even my cat is starting to act a bit more "lovey" to me - much more cuddly with me than before. I really think animals must sense this sort of thing.

Well, must head off to drop some baked potatoes off to our church's twice-yearly chicken barbecue . . . one of our bigger fundraisers. Take care everyone until next week!

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