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Entry 13 ~ January 27, 2012
~ Health Issues & a First Birthday!

Every December I look forward to January thinking things will slow down. Then every January I remember how busy January can get. Ha.

Soooo . . . we were actually healthy for about three weeks or so. That was nice. Today Sophia ended up on steroids for her second round of croup this winter. Two weeks ago, she had her first ear infection. Both have been kind of strange. The only symptoms she had with the ear infection were crankiness and sleeplessness. No snot, fever or anything else. We caught the croup early so hopefully it'll run it's course smoothly.

James has really been struggling with his hands/wrists. Right now, the doc and rheumatologist are thinking he has rheumatoid arthritis. That's a hard pill to swallow. We're hoping for some answers and looking for the best means of treatment.

We have a few fun things coming up soon. Sophia's first birthday is just weeks away. I can't believe she's already so old! We're going to celebrate with an owl themed party. Since James' birthday is just three days after, we'll have a joint party. James' parents will be here to celebrate with us and considering his mom is an amazing cook, we'll all eat well for sure. We haven't seen them since we went to Disney last summer so it should be a great time.

The other two kiddos are doing well. Hannah is growing old so fast. She's such a little mommy, in every way. Benjamin is every bit of two. Each day bounces between the extremes of sweet cuddles and situations requiring discipline. But so far, he's my only son and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Until next time . . .

Take care,

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