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Week 18
~ A little bit of everything

Well, it's been one of those up and down kind of weeks. As of the new year, I lost my maternity insurance. We were on a plan based on income and they decided we made too much money. Great. However, the same day we were told we couldn't get the insurance, I was told by another insurance company that (upon approval), we'd have maternity through them. The downside is that it'll take at least another 4-6 weeks before it's processed. I have a separate medical insurance plan currently but they refuse to cover maternity "after-the-fact," as it is considered "pre-existing." You'd think I had a disease or something. Oh the joys of insurance!

In the meantime, we're dying to find out the sex of our little one. I don't know how people have the patience to wait the entire 40 weeks or so to know. Bless any of you who do/have! Because of the lack of insurance, I'm going to have to cancel the appointment we currently have on the 18th. We do have a family friend who was an OB for many years and he still has access to an ultrasound machine. Yet, he's out of town through the end of next week. Hopefully, we'll still get to find out sometime around the 18th anyway. We're not too incredibly partial to the baby's sex though we would like to have a boy first. Any baby will be a gift from God regardless.

My evening sickness is starting to taper a bit. Yes, you read correctly, evening. For whatever reason, I rarely get sick in the mornings but do instead almost every other night. In these last two weeks it's reduced to about once every three or four nights. Whatever happened to being done with sickness by the second trimester?

Though it sounds like a lot not going our way, we really can't complain. As far as we know, both the baby and I are healthy. I've gained 11 lbs so far and pants are too tight to fasten. My husband is very patient and considerate even when I don't feel well. I've been going to the chiropractor to help with some pre-existing problems that were being aggravated by the pregnancy. That's been a true relief. We have enough food, sleep and heat . . . God has blessed us either way.

Until next time . . .

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