Terra's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ The First Kicks!

Ever since about the 14th week or so, I've felt "movement" in my stomach. The downside is that almost every time, it's been at the same time that I'm nauseous and gassy. I've questioned whether or not it's been the baby but have decided that most of that time it was just the rumble of my stomach. However, this week, was different! Monday night (about an hour of dinner), I was sitting at the coffee shop reading a book. Out of nowhere I felt a thump on the inside of my stomach. I kind of blew it off until it happened again about 30 seconds later. I put my book down and "thumped" back near the spot I had felt it. Almost immediately, I got a response back! This continued for about 10-15 solid minutes until I guess the baby got bored with the game. I was ecstatic! Unfortunately, my husband wasn't with me to share to joy but he sure got to hear all about it. I'm sure the people at Starbucks thought I was nuts. Yet I was off in my own little world, enjoying my little one.

Some good news on the insurance dilemma. It appears that we are in the processing stage now. My husband received a phone call about it the other day. Though it's not set in stone yet, it's a good start!

One thing that I've struggled with recently is sleep. I'm really not sure why. I go to bed tired and usually fall asleep quite fast. I always have. For some reason over the course of the last week, I've woken up very frequently for no good reason and feel tired all day the next day. I wonder if my baby is playing around in there and while I am not consciously feeling it, if it's keeping me up. I guess many may say it's preparing me for those late night ups and downs. We'll see.

On January 29th, I'll start school back. Lord-willing, I'll graduate with my Master's degree from Southern Seminary on May 18th. Of course, that assumes the baby doesn't come early and I don't have any problems that may put me on bed rest or anything. I'm nervous because I have a heavy course-load in order to finish. However, I'm going to be pulling back to two nights a week at my job (I'm a waitress) to lighten the load. That's definitely a prayer request.

Well, I think that's all the excitement for this week. Hopefully big excitement will be in store for next week if we get to find out the baby's sex!

Until next time . . .

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