Terra's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ It's a Girl!

TerraYes, you read correctly - we're having a girl! I must admit that both my husband and I were hoping to have a boy first. You know, that whole "big brother" thing. However, God had different plans and I know from experience that His plans are better than my own. It took the doctor (a friend of ours) only about 5 seconds to figure it out. I couldn't believe he knew that fast. He explained that not only had he been looking at ultrasounds for 25 years, the baby just happened to be laying in the best possible position. He was very confident about his call.

So . . . little Hannah Mai Santos, due June 7. Can you believe we already have a name? Well, Hannah is a name we both talked about liking back before we were even engaged. Mai is a family name. It is pronounced "may" but the spelling with an "i" is in one of my middle names, my grandmother's middle name and my cousin's middle name. I'd like to keep it going. My favorite part of the name Hannah is the meaning. It is Hebrew for "Grace." I believe that God's grace is the only reason I'm here today and the only reason we've been blessed with this pregnancy in the first place.

I already had a theme picked out for a boy's nursery but not yet for a girl's. Now I have to start thinking harder. We don't want to do all pink so we're thinking purples and other colors. I love pink and half of my wardrobe is pink. But I don't want to cause my husband to hate the color! We did decide to go buy the first gift for our daughter. My husband did happily chose a pink bib that says "I love mommy." Just take a look of the picture of me with it.

Another milestone this week is that we are officially halfway there - week 20. Yay! It's not that I mind being pregnant (though I am tired of the nausea) but I'm so excited to have the little one out in the world with us. I held a month old baby yesterday and it just got me even more excited. Yesterday, the first person was brave enough to gracefully ask if I was expecting. I was actually excited that someone asked! Wow. Am I losing my mind or what?

On the not so exciting list of things this week, I've developed some issue with my left knee. I've never had problems with it before and all of a sudden I'm in pain. Great. Come on insurance . . . kick in already!

So overall . . . a really good week. Our little girl has been moving around much more over the last week. My husband can't really feel her well yet but I'm sure he will soon. I am still struggling with being tired but I only have one more week of a full work schedule. Then school starts back and it'll be a new test of strength.

Until next time . . .

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