Terra's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21
~ Continually Tired

Over my last few journal entries, I've mentioned feeling tired. I thought that your second trimester was supposed to be the one with the most energy? If that is the case, I worry about my third! On a serious note though, it's really starting to affect me. I can tell with my attitude and even my patience. I'm usually told "I'm always happy," which cannot be true all the time of course. Over the last three weeks I've not only struggled with falling asleep (even if I'm dead tired) but also waking up frequently to change positions. But I'm starting to think it has little to do with the pregnancy actually. There has been a recent stress in our lives that has not yet been fully dealt with. I'm afraid I'm letting it affect my sleep. Pray that I leave my anxieties with the Lord and focus only on the things I have control over. Also, if you have any fool-proof sleep remedies (that don't include scented therapies - I get headaches easily), I'd love to hear them.

Last week I mentioned our nursery dilemma. Well, I think in the span of one whole week, I've figured it out. I found a book on colors at Lowe's the other day that has the cutest - yet simple - nursery design. It's not based on a specific theme. It's more of a mixed collection of pastels. Basically the top part of the room is a pastel blue with a starry sky. The bottom half is yellow, pink, and blue/green stripes. Then all of the furniture is either white or multi-colored pastels. It is very cute and could easily work for a boy if I wanted it to in the future also. Yay . . . one problem solved.

Now that my husband and I have gotten used to the idea that we're having a girl, it's become a bit more fun to imagine things. The other night I dreamt about her and what she would look like when she was born. Not to my surprise, she had a dark complexion, dark brown eyes and a head full of jet black hair. Of course I have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin but I think my husband's Asian traits will dominate. We'll see when she comes.

So school starts back on Monday. I'll keep you all posted on how that goes. I simply pray I sleep enough to focus in class. I have very tough classes this semester and only God's grace will see me through.

Until next time . . .

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