Terra's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22
~ Early Mornings

Monday morning, 6:15am: Unwillingly crawl out of bed and begin the day. My thoughtful husband did, however, cook me breakfast which was nice.
   7:15am: Begin my sit in traffic.
   8:05am: Still in traffic, 5 minutes late for class.
   8:20am: Finally arrive to my 8:00 class after going up 2 wrong flights of stairs and finally finding the correct set.

What a morning.

For those of you reading this that know me well, you know I'm anything but a morning person. Rarely do I crawl out of bed before 9 or 9:30 if I don't have somewhere to be. This week has been a test of my patience and my energy. My school is literally only 12 miles away from my house. Unfortunately, I live in a peak traffic area and every shortcut is also traffic-filled. It kills me to think it takes at least 45 minutes (with no accidents on the interstate) to get 12 miles! In addition to the traffic, my sleep problem has only gotten worse. It has changed in style however. Because of my busy day with school and sometimes work, I have no problem falling asleep at night or waking up too often. Now it is just a constant feeling of sleepiness throughout the day. Oh how I pray for strength through this semester.

I must admit that I am enjoying my classes so far. Last semester I only took one class since we were planning the wedding and getting married mid-semester. This semester I have 12 hours of Master's classes - all of which are good classes. Three of them are about systematic theology (a study of what the whole Bible has to say about various topics) and the other is church history. It seems like every morning I sit down in class, Hannah starts kicking me. It's kind of entertaining really.

Speaking of her kicking, it's getting even more frequent and much stronger. She typically kicks very low on my abdomen and usually on the left side - though not always. She's kicking as I type this as a matter of fact. Of course I hesitate to say it's "kicking" sometimes. How do I know she's not punching or elbowing me or something? Usually I'll just say she's "moving." Excitingly, James has finally been able to clearly distinguish her moves.

I really can't believe that I'm almost 6 months pregnant already. Wow . . . Yet I disagree with the myth that you're only pregnant for 9 months. Whoever came up with that anyway? If you're pregnant until the end of the ninth month, doesn't that qualify as 10 months? Oh, and a random thought, my belly button is slowly but surely disappearing. We'll see how far that goes.

Until next time . . .

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