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Week 23
~ A New OB

I'll start by saying it's been an eventful week as far as little Miss Hannah is concerned. I've decided that she no longer sleeps as it seems she's always on the go. Yesterday I went to my monthly OB appointment. As my doc tried to listen to Hannah's heartbeat with the Doppler, she commented on how much of a "wiggle-worm" she was. She did not want to stay in one spot long enough to get a reading! Eventually, my doc got her still after "holding her" in place to do so. It was rather entertaining.

So God is being gracious to me and I'm beginning to get a bit more sleep. Don't get me wrong, I'm still tired often but not nearly as much so. My sleep has been a bit more sound though still full of weird dreams.

For some of my newest physical changes, where do I start? I've experienced quite a bit of dizziness lately. I mentioned this to my doc and she connected it to my blood pressure. I typically have a very low blood pressure which is usually a 'good' problem to have. However, when you're pregnant, it can apparently be problematic. She gave me a few tips on helping to keep my blood pressure elevated during these times. What an interesting problem to have! She also put me on an iron supplement because she says I'm likely struggling with pregnancy anemia as well. Oh the excitement!

So this was my first visit to a new OB office. Because of my insurance ordeal, I decided to switch OB's and this one came highly recommended by a friend. She was nice and didn't treat me like I knew nothing. She listened to my questions (which I had a list of) and explained some things to me I've wanted clarification on for a while. Overall, it was a good experience. The thing that would really help me out now would be maternity insurance. We got a letter last week stating that my husband had been accepted to the new plan but I hadn't. Come to find out, they just needed some more information about some of my previous medical history. I hope to hear from them this coming week. Please keep me in your prayers.

Overall, it's been a busy week but not a bad one. School is going well (though I'm already behind in my reading) but I'm getting more used to the morning traffic. Of course that doesn't mean I enjoy the traffic but I'm dealing with it.

Until next time . . .

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