Terra's Pregnancy Journal

Week 25
~ A Growing Belly

So it's becoming more and more obvious to onlookers that I'm pregnant. Walking the halls at school, I notice more people's eyes directed toward my belly rather than my face. Of course it depends on what I wear too. Some outfits make me look much smaller than others. Compare the pictures on this page for example. They were taken only one day apart.


Yet, I do still get the occasional comment about not looking pregnant but it's becoming just that, more and more occasional. A nutritionist asked me yesterday "where's the baby?" right before I stepped on her scale. When I pointed out that I was 18 lbs heavier than I began, she understood. At first I thought I'd gained too much weight because of a comment my OB had made. However, the nutritionist pointed out that if I gained about one pound per week for the next 15, I'd be right under 35 lbs total gain. She said this was completely healthy considering I went into the pregnancy 'underweight' for my height. Whew! Needless to say, healthy or not, I'm feeling those 18 lbs more each day. Carrying my laptop, lunch and purse with me on campus is becoming quite the task. I realize I'm breathing semi-hard after walking only short distances. I'm trying to remain active (I'm still waitressing) so I think it's more because I'm not used to it.

By God's grace, I'm starting to gain a little control over my dizzy spells. I can anticipate most of them because they are action oriented. One of the hardest times is when I stand up to sing at church. Though an obvious solution would be to remain seated (which I've done), I prefer to stand. I've learned that by continuing to squeeze one fist, like you would when you are getting blood drawn, helps the blood flow. I will also constantly switch my body weight from one leg to the other. Neither of these things are so noticeable that it draws attention to me. Another primary time of dizziness is when I've been seated and I stand up too fast. This can happen even when you are not pregnant but it has elevated for me since the fact. Simple solution here (as long as I think ahead): stand up slower!

One annoying thing that's been happening lately is an unsettled stomach in the late afternoon or evening. For those of you that have followed my journals, you'll remember that evenings were when I struggled most with nausea and vomiting. Fortunately, I have not gotten sick since late January. I'm not really sure why but the uneasy stomach seems to be creeping back in. I don't feel physically sick, just uncomfortable and somewhat queasy, hard to explain.

Hannah is continuing to be an active baby. However, I don't mind it most of the time. It is fun to feel her moving around and kicking. It's reassuring that she is still okay. Occasionally, she does decide to kick in some uncomfortable places. Apparently her favorite position is vertical! Her head is typically at my belly button and her body and feet stretched all the way down. Without description, I'm sure you can imagine the occasional discomfort.

Until next time . . .

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