Terra's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ What Will She Look Like?

Terra as a babySo I have my next OB appointment Monday. Strangely enough, I kind of like these visits. Many of you are probably going "What?!" Well, to me, it's a continued assurance that little Hannah Mai is okay. Sometimes I consider my self a hypochondriac so when it comes to the baby, I can't help but always wonder if everything is okay. After this visit, I'll be set up on the every two week routine. I might not like it so much when I have to go more often huh?

I can't wait to find out what Hannah will look like. Though we've seen some 3D ultrasound pics (see week 24) and got a glimpse or two of her face, it's still hard to imagine the real thing. When we had all of her measurements taken during the regular ultrasound visit, she was measuring pretty small - overall. However, one thing made me laugh a bit. Apparently the circumference of her head measured about 1 1/2 weeks further than her body. They said it's nothing to worry about and I take them at their word. Both my husband and I had big heads when we were born and I think we've grown into them quite well! I was engaged and ready to be born for a month before I was, hence, an egghead (see the picture). My husband's head was just wide. So, Lord-willing, it won't be anything abnormal. But if it is, so be it! We'll love her just the same!

I have to admit that overall, my health has been pretty good this week. The evening nausea that I was beginning to struggle with again last week seems to have dissipated. My dizziness has gotten much easier to deal with. Thank God! My continued struggles are in losing my breath easily (which I don't anticipate to diminish until she is born), and frequent tiredness. Also, my stomach can't really decide how to act right now. I get heartburn pretty easily now and I only expect that to get worse from what I'm told. I'm also not digesting food quite the same as I was before. Oh the joys! But again, overall, I feel pretty good health-wise.

I'll give any updates from the OB in next week's journal.

Until next time . . .

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