Terra's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ Hannah's Okay

So Monday we went to the OB to have another ultrasound. As I mentioned in last week's journal, my doc thought baby Hannah might be much smaller than she should be. Well, I won't keep you in suspense, she's okay. The day that we went she was supposed to be measuring 27 weeks and 3 days. Though different body parts measure different sizes (nothing abnormal), she averaged out at 27 weeks and 0 days. A little bit of worry for no good reason. Oh well. It was fun to see another ultrasound. They tried to do a few 3D shots but both her hands and her umbilical cord were in her face the whole time. We did get a cool shot of her yawning though. I didn't know a baby yawned in the womb!

Overall, I've been feeling pretty decent this week. I've been getting queasy again at bed time but nothing unbearable. I've also been eating better now that I'm over that little bug I had. School is going well but busy. I'm in the middle of mid-terms and papers due. I pray I'll sustain! If I do, and Hannah doesn't come early, I'll be graduating with my Master's degree May 18th! Yay! The funny thing about that is that I may not even use my degrees in the long run. If we are financially able, I hope to be a stay-at-home mom eventually. We do have aspirations for a big family. But my degree won't go to waste. My husband is a Pastor and my degree is in Theological Studies. I hope to work alongside him in the church or in a campus ministry such as Baptist Student Ministries. We also have hopes of doing missions in Asia (particularly the Philippines) at some point in the future. So we'll see. One day at a time.

The one thing that has been more of a struggle lately is my job, though I'm only there two days a week now. Waitressing can be a very tough job when you're pregnant. As of 3/16, I'm officially in my third trimester. I'm going to work for four more weeks and then be done. It's getting really hard on my body. I know of so many girls that work (as a waitress) until they are 36 weeks or so, I don't see how! I'll be 32 weeks on my last day and that's good for me. It'll also bring me right about time for my three big papers of the semester and preparing for four finals. I think the timing will be good.

I guess that's it for now! I hope you are all doing well!

Until next time . . .

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