Terra's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ A Comforting OB Visit

Monday we had our most recent OB visit. I must admit, it was probably my favorite so far (outside of the fun ultrasound ones). My blood pressure was normal, I've gained 24 1/2 healthy pounds, it was quick, and even very informative. I have been collecting a list of questions for my doc for about 2 months now regarding different things. I wanted to ask her some of them last time but she was sick and I was her last patient. I didn't want to drag things out then.

So what types of questions did I have? Well, as I've mentioned on here before, I'd like to have a natural childbirth. Call me crazy but I feel there are too many good reasons not to at least try. I mentioned this to my doc and she was completely understanding and supportive. We also talked about episiotomies and her attitude towards them (only when absolutely necessary) and emergency C-sections. She asked if I'd planned on writing a birth plan and I asked her if I should. She said it was up to me but as long as she knew that I wanted a natural childbirth, that clarified most of the questions anyway. She said that sometimes women make their birth plan overly-detailed and they don't realize that we can't plan everything that happens in our pregnancy. She comforted me by saying that she'd discuss any options or problems that may come along as they appear. All of that is pretty much what I wanted to hear.

Another point she made was regarding Hannah's position. She has always been a very low carried baby. According to my doc, this could mean a pretty normal, vaginal delivery. Of course, much can happen in the next nine weeks but that's good news for now. Needless to say, I actually enjoyed my visit!

My mom came up this past weekend to work on the nursery. It's not quite finished yet, but it looks great so far. My baby shower will be this coming Saturday and my mom is going to try and work on it some more then. My sis is one of the people throwing my shower and she'll be staying with me for a few days. She'll have my 19 month old nephew with her and we may go to the zoo on Friday. That should be fun!

Friday was my last day of work - thank God! I was very blessed and everyone tipped well that day. The only downside was that we were so incredibly busy and I worked so hard, my entire body hurt afterwards. My back feels like it was snapped in two. I'm praying that now I'm off my feet more, it'll recuperate quickly.

School has been crazy but I do have one of my four huge papers out of the way. This week is "Spring Reading Days," our grandly titled spring break. Though I don't have class all week, I will still spend the majority of my time doing class-work and research. Oh, only four more weeks of school after this! Then I'll graduate for the third and final time!

Well, I think I've written enough now. I'll stop writing so you can read other journals!

Until next time . . .

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