Terra's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ A Different Week

This week was definitely a different type of week for me. I was on my school's spring break, so I didn't have classes all week. I still did a great deal of school-related stuff (though not as much as I wanted to). I almost finished my second (of four) research papers so that was an accomplishment. I enjoyed last weekend taking it easy and not opening any books for school. Starting Monday I got into "school mode" and hammered out that paper. It was still a pretty flexible, easy-going week through Thursday. Friday afternoon my sis, her hubby and their kid came up to prepare for the baby shower. We had dinner and hung out that first night. Saturday morning we decorated for the shower and my mom and cousin showed up around lunchtime. It was a hectic day, though a fun one with lots of awesome gifts. I cannot believe I have less than 8 weeks until due day! I'm getting very excited but at the same time, nervous. I'm still studying up on natural labor as I prepare to attempt it. Yet it's hard to prepare yourself for something you've never experienced!

I must admit, it was wonderful not having to work this weekend. Of course, with all the family and friends over this weekend, I still felt like I'd worked. We had the shower at our house for the sake of convenience. It's mostly clean but there is still work to do. I need to finish putting away all of the baby gifts, sweep and mop the floor, and clean up here and there. Yet now I'm back in classes and it's harder to convince myself to clean versus study. Either way, it'll get done.

Terra, her mom, and her sisterIt was pretty neat to see my sis nice and pregnant like me. As I've mentioned, she's only 3 1/2 weeks behind my due date and we're both expecting girls. Take a look at the picture of us and our mom - funny huh? Unfortunately we didn't get to go to the zoo as hoped because it was cold and rainy all day. Maybe some other time . . .

One interesting thing I've been concerned about lately is Hannah's position. I know that she shouldn't necessarily be "in position" just yet anyway but her usual position makes me nervous. She's always horizontal and rarely ever above my belly button. My doc is always talking about how low she is carrying and how small she is. Yet she hasn't said it's anything to worry about. I just keep thinking, "what if she doesn't turn in preparation?" I don't think anyone actually wants to have a C-section but it makes me worry that it may happen. But I do know I have a habit of worrying about things I don't need to. I pray she'll turn when the time draws near. I even had someone tell me I looked like I've already "dropped." That's how low she always is!

Anyway, that's it for now. Have a great week!

Until next time . . .

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