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Week 34
~ Grace Abounding

According to dictionary.com, one of the definitions of "grace" is the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God." Oh how I've experienced that this week! On Monday, my Systematic Theology 1 professor told us that those who were graduating had the option of taking the final. It couldn't hurt our grade to take it, but if we did well, it could boost our grade. As far as I know, I already have an "A" in there so I'm pretty sure I'll be opting out of that one. The next day, I emailed another professor with a question about an upcoming paper due. In the email, I mentioned that I'd been "made aware that some professors gave graduates the option of taking the final." I asked if he happened to be in that camp. To my extreme surprise, he said he'd be happy to offer the same. And I have him for 2 classes! Needless to say, I went from having 2 papers and 4 finals left, to having 2 papers and 1 final left! Praise God! These teachers did not have to give such an option . . . yet they did, "freely and unmerited." Wow! I still have much reading to do but my stress level has dropped significantly!

So today I felt an interesting movement in my belly. I'm not really sure how to explain it. Hannah has gotten so strong that most movements are very defined. Today I felt a much smaller movement (maybe an elbow or a hand) pushing up near my belly button. It was really odd considering the large body parts I typically feel. I've heard people say that they've seen "handprints" or "footprints" coming from inside their bellies but I haven't experienced that one personally. It was interesting.

Though I still don't think Hannah is in "position" yet, I think she's making an effort. Over the last few days, I've felt much more movement in my upper belly. As I've mentioned, she usually rests pretty low so it's rather out of the ordinary to get kicked in the ribs. Yet, that's exactly what's happened multiple times over the last few days. I have another OB appointment Tuesday so we'll see if I get any more definitive information then.

Sunday night my mom is coming back into town to try and finish the nursery. If it gets finished, I'll post some pictures next week. We'll see how the progress goes.

Only 6 more weeks until D-day . . . ahhhhhh!

Until next time . . .

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