Terra's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38
~ An Unfortunate Induction

So . . . I'm writing early for a not so fun reason. Tomorrow (5/25), I'm being induced - for actual medical reasons. As I mentioned in my last journal, I was scheduled for another ultrasound today. Most of Hannah's features measure as they should and in the 60-80th percentiles. However, her abdomen is measuring about 3 1/2 weeks behind and is only in the 9th percentile. They gave me the "stress test" to see how Hannah was handling everything. Though they said that she did okay on that, they were concerned overall. They said the most likely scenario is that my placenta is not providing adequate nourishment for our baby. Considering I'm 38 weeks already, they do not want to take a chance and "wait and see" how she does. Tomorrow morning, I have to call Labor and Deliver at 5 a.m. and see when they want me to show up. My doc said I'm actually 8th on the list to have an induction but most of the others were not medical reasons. She said she's pretty confident I'll be moved up to second or third in the line up.

Here's the kicker . . . If I'm not ready to deliver by Saturday morning (which I will likely not be), my doc is going out of town!!! So all this time, I've planned to have the one doc who knows everything about my wants and desires and now I might not. I'll likely have a lady I've never even met. I simply have to place my trust in the Lord.

On the potentially positive side, over the last 24 hours I've been experiencing a great deal of contractions. Last night, I actually thought I was in labor. However after about 3 hours, my contractions slowed and I ended up falling asleep. The contractions have continued today but not as frequent or strong as last night. My doc said that maybe my body is getting ready to go into labor anyway and the induction will be more of a jump start than an unnatural start. Oh I hope that's the case . . .

For those of you that have kept up on my journals, you'll know I really, really wanted to have a natural birth. However, I trust my doc and I'm trusting her judgment here. Please pray for me as I still attempt an epidural free labor. But I am open to the possibility of an epidural considering the induction and the fact that everyone says Pitocin-induced contractions are harder. We'll see as the time comes.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you all on the latest. I will write another entry as soon as I'm comfortable enough after little Hannah arrives. Thank you for your patience in advance!!!

Take care,

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