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Terra's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Terra's pregnancy journal.

Terra and James have been married four years. Their first baby, Hannah (3) is a StorkNet baby! Nine months later, they experienced a miscarriage. However, their third pregnancy brought Benjamin into their lives in April 2009. They took the plunge again and Sophia Joy arrived at 41 weeks on February 15, 2011, weighing in at 6 lbs, 2 oz.

Join Terra as she takes us through her pregnancy week by week.

Terra's Journal Entries

Meet Terra

Week 4
We're Pregnant!

Week 5
Getting in the Groove

Week 6
Yuck and Yawn

Week 7
Still Struggling

Week 8

Week 9
Cow Appreciation Day

Week 10
First Midwife Visit

Week 11
Hawaii and Somewhat less Nausea

Week 12
Back Home and Exhausted

Week 13
Pregnancy Comparisons

Week 14
Return of Nausea and Fatigue

Week 15
Felt that Little One!

Week 16
Changes and Challenges

Week 17
Heart Problems

Week 18
IT'S A GIRL & Related Pregnancy Myths

Week 19
Cardio Updates and Bouncing Sophia

Week 20
Halfway There!

Week 21
A Developing Fear

Week 22
Random Tidbits

Week 23
Honeymoon Trimester Thoughts

Week 24
Heart and Baby Updates

Week 25
Halloween Fun and Family Visit

Week 26
Busyness Begins

Week 27
Feeling Very Pregnant

Week 28
Lots of Updates

Week 29

Week 30
Healthy Yet?

Week 31
Playing in my Ribs

Week 32
Belly 'Fun' and Back Pain

Week 33
Christmas Joys

Week 34
Pain in my Hips

Week 35

Week 36
False Labor Fun & a Stomach Bug

Week 37
So Ready

Week 38
Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

Week 39

Week 40
Yep. Still Here.

Week 41
Sophia Makes Her Grand Entrance!

Terra's 1st Pregnancy Journal

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