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~ Meet Terra

FamilyMy name is Terra, and I'm married to one of the most amazing men on the planet, James. We were married on September 9, 2006 and from the beginning, decided we were just going to let the Lord decide on when/how many kiddos to have. Well, somewhat to our surprise, we were blessed from the beginning with a honeymoon baby (you can read about that pregnancy on my first StorkNet journal here).

Since then, much has happened. Hannah was born two weeks early (in May 2007). Nine months later, we found out we were expecting again. Sadly, only one week after that discovery, we lost the pregnancy to miscarriage. That was a very difficult time. You can read our family's blog posts on the miscarriage if you're interested: here and here. About 3-4 months later, we were blessed with another pregnancy. There was always fear of loss but in April of 2009, our son Benjamin was born, happy and healthy. And most recently, just after Benjamin turned 13 months old, we found out we're expecting again and we're delighted!

My first two deliveries were night and day differences apart. My daughter was induced at 38 weeks for medical problems and after 18 hours and one good epidural, she entered the world in the middle of the night. On the other hand, I went into labor naturally with my son and was able to have him completely free of meds/pain relief with the help of my doula friend Betsy. I hope to have another natural child birth as Benjamin's was quite amazing. And yet, I'm always open to the possibility of doing whatever is best for both the child and I if/when medical problems arise.

So there you have it . . . a little intro to our journey. I hope you enjoy tagging along for the ride - it's sure to be full of surprises!

Until next time...

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