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Week 20
~ Halfway There!

We had our official ultrasound and first midwife checkup in five weeks so I was anxiously awaiting week 20. And it didn't disappoint. We were able see a great ultrasound and confirm the baby is a girl. She measured amazingly average (our kids tend to be on the small size) and my due date was not adjusted. Everything looked great. My placenta is low lying but the midwife said it was not low enough to be of concern.

On the more surprising side of things was my weight gain. So far, I'd only gained 3 lbs. Well, add 5 weeks of less nausea and an increased appetite and add NINE pounds! Holy moly! My midwife gave me the benefit of a doubt and suggested a pound or two could probably be attributed to the nearly 30 oz of water I drank before my ultrasound. She didn't seem overly concerned and neither am I. So far I've gained 12 lbs. With my other two kids, I gained 13 lbs in the first trimester alone! In the end, I gained 29 with my daughter and 31 with my son. So we'll see. I started off at 118 lbs and 5'6 so I could stand to gain a little anyway.

Other vitals and everything were great. That's always a nice thing. I guess the next big and non-exciting test will be the glucose screening. I failed it the first time with my son and passed it with flying colors the second time. I'm quite certain my breakfast played a part that day. I'm going to request to do it fasting the first time to keep from having to mess with a retest for no good reason. Hopefully they'll let me.

We went out of town for my nephew's fifth birthday party this weekend. It was a very short trip as we left Friday morning and returned Saturday night (it's about a four hour drive with kids). By God's grace, both kids did really well overall with the driving. My husband had to work so it was just me with them. On Saturday morning, I got nauseous out of the blue. That hasn't happened in a while. I ate a peanut butter sandwich and drank some Sprite. After about an hour or so, it passed. That was a blessing.

Until next time...

Take Care,

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