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My husband, James and I were married September 9, 2006. Now James and I are not your typical couple - at least most wouldn't say. I'm Caucasian, he's Filipino. I'm 5'6," he's 5'3." I'm the extrovert, he's the introvert. And of course the list could go on and on. We met in 2004 and after a few years of life's ups and downs, we were happily married.

The topic of children came up early in our period of dating. We both wanted to have a big family, maybe 5 or 6 kids. Closer to the time we got married, we started talking about birth control and when we would like to have children. We decided that we weren't going to use any and we were just going to let God bless us whenever He decided to. And He didn't waste any time! We were blessed right away with a honeymoon baby!

Much has happened over the years since then. When our first child was about nine months old, we experienced our first miscarriage. We were extremely heartbroken and discouraged. Several months later, we found out we were expecting again and gave birth to a healthy baby boy the following April. After I finished nursing him at one, I had one cycle and found out we were expecting again! My pregnancies continued to get physically harder on my body. This pregnancy was filled with scares of heart problems and cardiologists, as well as loads of other bodily aches and problems. I was convinced it would be my last. When our third child was almost one, I knew I was going to stop nursing soon and was starting to wonder what to do since I'd gotten pregnant so quickly after the last. Through a series of circumstances and conversations, I finally accepted the fact that pregnancy was never fully in my control anyway. We decided once more to leave it in the Lord's hands and I was pregnant that very weekend!

Our fourth child started bringing the comments people tend to have about family size. It's amazing (and sad) what even total strangers will say to you about their thoughts on this topic. After we had him, we once again eventually decided to accept a pregnancy if/when it came as a blessing and a gift. Just a few short months after he stopped nursing, we were indeed pregnant again but this time, we didn't even know it until we miscarried. Another very difficult time for us was to be had. I figured it'd probably take a while to get pregnant again after that and didn't think much further on trying. However, to our great surprise - I didn't even have another full cycle and I was pregnant AGAIN!

So here we are, on our seventh pregnancy (including the two we lost). We are so excited as a family and the kids can't wait to have another sibling. Though the two oldest have birthdays fast approaching, they are currently 6, 4, 3, and 1. We look forward to another journey into parenting, and becoming a family of seven! Thanks for joining us on the trip!

Take care . . .

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