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Update - June 8, 2007
~ Six Months!

I thought I'd send a short update on our life with Will and Ruth, our twins, who are six months old today.

Life is so much fun with these two little babies. They are rolling everywhere, grabbing toys, "talking" at us in little oohs, ahhs and gahs, punctuated with the occasional happy scream. They like kisses and tummy blowing and walks in the stroller. Ruthie, who has blue eyes and fair skin, likes to "fly" over Mommy or Daddy's head. Will, brown-eyed and darker-complected, likes to sit on our laps and take everything in; he's good at keeping his back straight. Both like to play together on the mat on the floor, grasping each other's ears and hands (or whatever else is in reach!). Being together seems to calm them down.

As for me, I am running and working again. The weather, which was so snowy and cold for the first three months of the twins' lives, has been spectacular since spring arrived. I am loving my life with my children and husband. We're looking forward to having Dan's mom come out for six or so weeks this summer to get to know her grandchildren better. My mom will be coming out twice, once at the end of June and again in August. Hard to believe that just one year ago, I was nauseous and nervous about my twin pregnancy. Hard to believe that three months ago I never thought being a mom would get any easier. But things are so great now that I can say it was all worth it.

Will at 6 months ruthie at 6 months
Will at 6 months & Ruth at 6 months

twins at 6 months

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