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Week 11
~ More Waiting . . .

Another week has come and gone-and I'm still pregnant, and still feeling like my life is just obsessing about food and biding my time until Monday's ultrasound.

The nausea, despite a flare-up here and there, on Saturday started to seem better after a lunch consisting solely of vanilla ice cream (I had seconds, thanks to my friend Wendy, who was with me). But I'm still not eating as much as I know I should be for the twins because the nausea has been replaced with horrible acid indigestion. I definitely need to talk to my doctor Monday about this, because the babies and I can't go on this way. It's got me questioning everything. For instance, earlier this week I got excited because it looked like my belly is finally starting to stick out a bit-but tonight, when all I could get into my acidy stomach was some rice with a little soy sauce on it, I found myself wondering if it's just my stomach and intestines all swollen up. My weight, at least on the home scale, is unchanged. Also, I've been pretty sure the cramping I'm feeling, because it's all in my upper abdomen, is digestion-related-but I'm not even sure about that (though I've had no more spotting or anything scary like that).

Another thing I'm realizing: I'm starting to get bored. One can only read Weeks 11 and 12 in the various "week-by-week" books so much. I work my 20 hours a week (even that small amount of work is tiring). I've finished three novels in the last three weeks. I've watched the entire extended edition versions of The Lord of the Rings. Tonight Dan went out to do the grocery shopping, and, as he left, I sat on the couch, watching the minutes trickle by until bedtime and listening to my unhappy stomach gurgle. Last night I actually went out on my own to get some contact lens solution-and was so exhausted from the trip that I figured that was still a bad idea. I know that being pregnant with twins means I have to slow down a lot. But I didn't think it would mean constantly reclining on the couch like some Victorian lady with consumption ("Oh, bring me my smelling salts! I feel faint!").

Hopefully next week's entry will be more optimistic . . . if the babies are OK, it will be worth all the boredom, all the plain rice and cereal, all the acid and the nausea. I just need patience!

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